Benefits of bed in a box mattress

By | December 23, 2020

Well,  you spend one-third of your life on a bed, so you must make the right choice while buying your new mattress. Your mattresses must be comfortable, durable, and supportive.  Bed in box mattresses are getting popular day by day.  The reason behind their increasing popularity is their cost-effectiveness, compact size, and delivery service. Traditionally buying a mattress costs you effort, time, and money. You visit one retail store after another and search for your desired mattress.  It is not as simple as it sounds. Buyers are usually overwhelmed by the so-called “exclusive deals” offered by the retailers. Buying a mattress traditionally also costs you extra bucks,  which is one of the main drawbacks. The benefits of bed in box mattresses are mentioned below.

Benefits of bed in a box mattress


A larger number of bed in box manufacturers are in the industry, and the variety is according to the need and preferences. Manufacturers also give details regarding every product explaining the firmness and the sleeping position and body type for which it is suitable. Bed in box mattresses are made of memory foam to fall in the medium firmness range, but they are available in variations.  The difference comes in other features. Some bed in box mattresses contain gel layers that act as coolers, and some contain copper-infused layers that help regulate the body temperature. Bed in box mattresses also come in multiple firmness options. One side has a different firmness level, whereas the other side has a different one.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the best benefits of a bed in a box mattress. Though there are high-end beds in box mattresses that cost about 2000 dollars, a larger number of bed mattresses are quite adorable. Bed in box mattresses are cheap as compare to the traditional mattresses. Online retailers also offer exclusive deals, which means that you can get your mattress at an amazing price. Online stores do not have physical locations, so overhead cost is reduced. Bed in a box mattress is also compact in size, so the shipping cost is much less.  All this money saved comes in the form of less net price and thus benefits the buyer. For details Simplyrestcom.

Delivery services

Delivery services provided by the bed in box online retailers are the main reason behind their success. Your mattress is just a click away. When you a mattress traditionally,  you have to order it through a warehouse for delivery, which costs you a lot.  If you have your own vehicle, it is still a headache.  Another problem arises when you have to take your mattress to your apartment on a higher floor or take it from narrow stairs or path.  Bed in box mattress has solved all these problems. Manufacturers offer free delivery most of the time, and your mattress arrives at your doorstep. The latest technology used by manufacturers compresses the mattress and fits it inside a small box.  You can take your mattress inside your room on your own.