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World Famous Sports Prymal Sandstorm Hunting pants

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When hunting, you are not always stationary in front of a tree. More often than not, you are stalking. This presents a problem if your camouflage is designed to only blend into a wooded terrain. Prym1 Camo has been professionally designed with the idea of using organic shapes rather than trees and leaves. We want you to function with the efficiency of a predator. The spots on a leopard are unique. Yet, they work whether you are in a tree or stalking on the ground.

“After years of being a professional wildlife artist as well as an avid hunter, my job has been to study the specific patterns and textures of animals in nature and to mimic them in my art. Years of this study led me to develop Prym1 camo, which uses the colors and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camo with the effectiveness of a predator.”

Stacie Walker
Prym1 Camo Founder


  • Five Pockets
  • Pockets are fleece lined
  • Pant legs can be rolled up into shorts if desired
  • 100% Polyester
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Additional Information


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