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The Puffco Proxy - Classic | Modern | Mobile

Puffco unveiled their latest design, the "Proxy" created by Roger Volodarsky on June 15th 2022. The Puffco Proxy is somewhere between a vape pen and an electric rig- it's a modern new take on a classic sherlock pipe design- a very laid back way to enjoy your hits. The Proxy's heating technology is a must have for every dab enthusiast and the only way to go if you are a true connoisseur- getting maximum flavor and use from your concentrates through a clean and compact system is what we've all been waiting for.

It's cannabis tradition meets innovation. The Proxy is compatible with any type of extract such as wax, shatter, crumble, and is the first product that features a fully modular design optimized for cannabis consumption.

Make It Your Own

The elegant, convenient glass pipe will blow your mind, as it holds the Proxy's removable base in a beautiful and functional way. With this feature, you have the power to customize your experience with a wide range of Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass. The Puffco Proxy base is fully removable and can be used with any custom glass piece with the right dimensions. This is a stunning vaporizer that provides broad flexibility.

You can turn the Proxy into the vape of your dreams with add-ons: add water filtration with the Proxy bub, or even dry herb compatibility with the new Puffco Proxy flower bowl.


Main Features


The Proxy Kit Includes



  1. Charge: Make sure the device is fully charged before using it for the first time. This can be done using the included USB cable.
  2. Start: Turn on the device by clicking the button and holding it until the device vibrates, indicating that it has been turned on. The LED light will also turn on, indicating the battery level.
  3. Choose heat: Use the button to cycle through the four temperature settings. The LED light will change color to show the temperature setting. There are four heat options: BLUE (Low), GREEN (Medium), RED (High), WHITE (Peak)
  4. Fill: Fill the chamber with the desired amount. Make sure not to overpack the chamber as this can impact the quality of the vapor.
  5. Change airflow: Close the carb cap to adjust the airflow in the air vents. This will impact the vapor production and the draw strength.
  6. Wait for heat up: Double click the button to start heat up. The device will take a few seconds to heat up to the selected temperature. Wait until the light flashes three times to show the device has reached the desired temperature.
  7. Use mouthpiece: Place your lips on the mouthpiece. Inhale slowly and steadily, taking in the vapor.
  8. Turn off: When you are done the session, press and hold the button until it vibrates, indicating that it has been turned off.
  9. Clean: After each use, clean the device to keep its performance and extend the life. Use a cleaning solution and a brush to clean the chamber and glass.

*You can also check the battery levels at a glance by triple clicking the button. The LED will flash Green Orange or Red depending on the level.

Note: Always follow the user instructions and guidelines when using the device.

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